Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Advertising Appeals to Our Imperfect Lives & to Our desire to satisfy Essay

Advertising Appeals to Our Imperfect Lives & to Our desire to satisfy ourselves - Essay Example The belief that people hold, that their decisions cannot be affected by the media and the advertisements, makes media very strong because when a person purchases a product they are convinced that they really need it. However, in most instances, this is not true. The average individual in the American society sees very many adverts per day. These adverts are available in almost all corners of life ranging from home where most part of the television is advertisements to the office where an individual doing research on the Internet is exposed to many more adverts in this media that has become more pronounced in the contemporary world. The ads that are directed towards the female population range from beauty, fashion, and diets. The companies undertaking the advertising usually do enough market research to know which side of the society can be exploited to the advantage of increased sales volume and market share for these businesses. The adverts are projected towards ensuring that the cu stomers would be pleased to the point of thinking that their lives would become perfect if they purchased certain goods. If the media does not find a need to exploit, they can create some to make people think that they need the product being advocated for. Creation of an area to exploit makes people think that they have a problem or even make them doubt themselves. This would definitely prompt people to try the product to see whether the perceived problem would be eliminated. This is during the quest to make lives perfect, which according to people, can be achieved through elimination of the problems that cause the imperfection. The need to create doubts in people is usually the result of intense competition that has been taking place in the modern world between the main players in the business sector. However, during most instances, the ads are designed to exploit the existing needs that people cannot live without. For instance, most magazines intended for the male population have

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